Untitled (Structure)
Household objects, plastic moving wrap, wooden frame
8 ft. x 8 ft. x 8 ft.

In this work, I use the profusion of objects in my life to construct a small room within the museum space. The objects are individually “re-packaged” in clear mover’s plastic wrap and stacked one by one inside the wooden frames of the walls. The plastic wrap removes the objects from their normal use, molding them into building blocks of various shapes and sizes. This coalescence of function is emphasized by the way in which the plastic wrap harmonizes the colors of the objects.

Objects play an active role in constructing space and identity. Within the home, objects are continually in a state of rearrangement—picked up, heaped, eaten, and trashed. They project cultural narratives and personal histories. In emptying my home of these objects and assembling them to build a new space, I attempt to denaturalize the accumulation of objects and reveal the agency they possess.